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Lonny Geller

Meet Lonny Geller of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. He’s been making pizza at home since 2018, inspired in no small part by a stint working at Pizza School in NYC. Check him out and give the guy a follow!

How often do you make pizza?
Some weeks I’ll do 5-6 days per week but some weeks are slower with only once or twice a week. 

How long have you been making pizza?
September 2018 is when I made my first, legitimate pizza. Anything with supermarket dough in the past does not count! 

Raw PieBaked Pie

How do you describe the style of pizza you like to make?
Detroit style has been adopted as my signature. They are just so delicious and so fun to eat. Plus, it is a very friendly style for a 500-degree oven. King Arthur Bread Flour all the way!! 

What's one piece of pizza making gear you can’t live without?
Either my Baking Steel or the trusty bench scraper. But I’m going to go with the Baking Steel. It just elevates your home-making pizza game.

Baking Steel

What or who is your pizza inspiration?
I wouldn’t be where I am today without The Pizza Bible so shoutout to Tony Gemignani for spitting the facts. Ciro Iovine from Song e Napule is an absolute master of his craft. And one more shoutout to Rafi Bildner, founder of Hilltown Hot Pies. I have never met anyone with more passion and love for the craft than Rafi. 

What advice do you have for a new pizza maker?
Have fun, do things out of your comfort zone, go out of your way for high-quality ingredients, take advantage of YouTube, and make friends with your local pizzeria! 


If there’s anything else you want people to know, I’d be delighted to share it as well!
The pizza-making world might seem intimidating but we have each other’s backs. Ask questions, network well, and utilize your resources. Go on Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even the seasoned masters are still learning and forever perfecting their craft. Just have fun and always remember, the pizza you make at home will always taste better than the one you order in.