Pizza: A Slice of American History

Pizza: A Slice of American History

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Pizza: A Slice of American History tells the story of how pizza has become one of the country's most popular foods, enjoyed coast to coast by millions of pizza fans.

Pizza journalist Liz Barrett explores how it is that pizza came to and conquered North America and how it has evolved into different forms across the continent. Each chapter investigates a different pie: Chicago's famous deep-dish, New Haven's white clam pie, California's health-conscious varieties, New York's Sicilian and Neapolitan, and many others. Recipes provide readers with the opportunity to make and sample some of America's favorite pizza styles.

Illustrated throughout with modern and historical photographs, postcards, and memorabilia, Pizza: A Slice of American History is one of the most comprehensive and fun cultural histories of pizza ever written.


"Barrett's pizza knowledge is extensive and she has a unique gift to distill the information into delectable slices. The images are impressive and create a brilliant visual history of pizza. You will discover some rarities which are true nuggets of the pizza saga." --Albert Grande, Legends of Pizza

"Liz Barrett has written one of the best all-around books on pizza I've come across... This is a broad-based exploration of pizza, its history and its place in our culture." --Dave, The Rochester NY Pizza Blog

"Chock full of American pizza history, folk-lore, and guest interviews with many pizza luminaries." --Peter Reinhart, Pizza Quest
"I am in love with it." --Scott Wiener, Scott's Pizza Tours

"Well-written, engaging, beautifully designed and photographed." --Adam Kuban, founder of Slice