Meet Blaine Bartholomew - @pdxdoughboy

Meet Blaine Bartholomew aka @pdxdoughboy. As you can guess from his IG handle, Blaine is based in Portland, OR. He's got a killer wood fired oven in his backyard and also a Roccbox for portable situations. This February, he led the charge with a dozen home pizza makers to raise money for hunger relief. He's totally awesome and he's this week's featured home pizzaiolo! 

How often do you make pizza?
I try to make pizza at least 2-3 times a month.

How long have you been making pizza?
It's been about 6 years!

How would you describe your pizza style?
I make naturally leavened Neo-Neapolitan pizza. I’ve made NY, Bar, Grandma, and DSP (Detroit style pizza) too. Grandma is my new fave. 

What’s one piece of pizza gear you can’t live without?
I love my Roccbox. It’s so portable, convenient, and quality. 

What inspires your pizza making experiments?
My inspiration is the constant learning and connections that never end with pizza making.  

What advice do you have for a new pizza maker?
Study, ask questions, experiment, and don’t take it too seriously. Best tip: journal everything. You’ll never be able to replicate successes or make tweaks if you don’t. Feel free to reach out to me on IG if you have any pizza questions. I love paying it forward with any knowledge I can impart. 

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