Some people think pizza is just a food, but to us it's a lifestyle. We started Pizza Resource Center after years of toying, tinkering, and tweaking recipes at home. Thousands of miles traveled and an exponential number of slices consumed have taught us one thing: the search for the perfect slice is one we hope to never complete. We've met people along the way, sharing tips and tricks with anyone who will listen. All this because there is no greater joy than a perfect slice. 

Pizza Resource Center was founded by professional pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener, who has made a career out of educating the masses about great pizza. He launched Scott's Pizza Tours in 2008, started the nonprofit Slice Out Hunger in 2009, writes for Pizza Today Magazine, hosts Thrillist's Really Dough, judges pizza competitions internationally, and holds the Guinness World Record for his collection of over 1,550 unique pizza boxes. 

Scott Wiener Loves Pizza

As a professional pizza nerd, Scott amassed a treasure trove of the world's best (and worst) pizza paraphernalia. Pizza Resource Center is your source for all the top notch gear that has survived years of use, all available in one convenient website and backed by a team of pizza lovers who truly care about your satisfaction. The products on offer here are our recommendations. We stand by them because we use them ourselves.