Meet Eidref Laxa - @whatsgooddough

Eidref Laxa

Meet Eidref (pronounced Eye-Drif) Laxa. He runs the What’s Good Dough Podcast and makes outstanding pizza at home in northern California. If you’re into home pizza making and looking to level up your skills, his podcast is an absolute must. Check it out and give him a follow @whatsgooddough

How long have you been making pizza?
I started making pizza when I picked up a weekend job at a pizzeria in 2018. When I turned in my 2 weeks notice, I bought my first 50 lb bag of Caputo Americana

Delicious Pizza

What’s one piece of gear you can’t live without? 
I can’t live without a scale. I need something that measures my yeast to the nearest hundredth. Pizza is both a science and an art after all!

Why did you decide to start a podcast?
I started the What’s Good Dough Podcast in 2019 when I saw my pizza making skills were plateauing. Reading my Elements of Pizza book over and over again wasn’t cutting it. I thought, if I can interview pizza makers from all walks of life, I’ll get a better understanding of pizza. My theory was correct. Because of the show, I’ve learned so many skills that have directly impacted my pizza making and my life in general. 

What’s your favorite part of the pizza making process?
Definitely the bake. To me it’s a dance. Sure you can learn a couple of moves and do that routine over and over again, but the music and the environment change all the time and that’s true especially for pizza. You have to dance along with it. Outside of the pizza making process though, I love the eating part 😉. 

Raw pie

What else do you love to do besides nerding out over pizza?
When I’m not making pizza, I’m working on the What’s Good Dough Podcast, running a non profit dance company for children with special needs, working for a social justice organization and chilling with my wife and dog. 

Any advice for people just getting into pizza making?
My advice for new pizza makers is to make more pizza. Action over inaction.