Meet Lee - @leetaylorisok

Lee by the pool

Meet Lee Taylor from Florence, Alabama. Lee has been making pizza for just a couple years but his skills are clear from these photos. Check out Lee’s work and give him a follow if you’re so inclined!

How often do you make pizza?
Once or twice a week.

How do you describe the style(s) of pizza you like to make?
A mixture of Neapolitan and NY Style - Artisan approach to ingredients but larger pies and crispier dough.

pizza by the pool

What’s one piece of pizza making gear you can’t live without? 
Definitely my scale. Measuring by weight is the only way to really make consistently good pizza dough.

What or who is your pizza inspiration?
Antico (@gioantico), Pizzeria Bianco (@​​pizzeriabianco), Patsy’s (patsyspizzanyc), Roberta’s (robertaspizza), Pizzeria Beddia (@pizzacamp). I love any chef that just embraces their unique approach to making pizzas and has fun with it. Making pizza should be a fun experience.

stretch pizza

What advice do you have for a new pizza maker?
Make pizza as often as possible - lessons, ideas, skills, etc. will come. Just keep doing it all the time and you will get better.

Why do you enjoy making pizza at home?
Making pizza is the perfect hands-on hobby or passion for a creative person who is looking for a new outlet. It is the perfect combination of craft and spontaneity.