Meet Ted Golden - @foodiebuddha

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Meet Ted Golden, a web developer based in Atlanta, GA who moonlights as a restaurant manager and pop-up producer. You won’t see a picture of his face because Ted likes to remain in the shadows. He recently got bit by the pizza bug and has been baking nonstop. Check him out @foodiebuddha and give him a follow!

How often do you make pizza?
Several times a week, though I'm sure that will eventually slow down. For now, I'm baking about 20 pies/week.


How long have you been making pizza?
I've done it sporadically over the years (like VERY sporadically), but I got serious in January and I've been on a tear since then. 


How do you describe the style(s) of pizza you like to make?
No freaking idea to be honest, I've done a ton of different styles with different hydrations, bake temps, flour blends, and everything else in between. If I absolutely had to choose one - I'd probably say I'm New Haven-esque. Can't say for sure though b/c I've never been there and I'm not always baking pizzas like that. Also want to try my hand at New England greek style - I have very fond memories of that from my childhood.

fresh pie

One piece of pizza making gear you can’t live without?
Well there are lots of answers to this - but I think my favorite "under the radar" tools are my Borner v-slicer & my garlic hand slicer. I guess that's technically two things but the point is that I use those to get my veggies razor thin. It's made a HUGE impact on how i'm able to top and cook pies.

work station

What or who is your pizza inspiration?
Oh geez ... between @scottspizzatours, Arthur (@nycbestpizza), & Adam (@akuban), it's like I have access to the Mount Rushmore of pizza experts. Y'all are amazing and have been so generous with time and information.

I won't ever forget that day I got to go to DiFara, Totonnos, and L&B on the same day. That'll be with me until the day I peace out. 


What advice do you have for a new pizza maker?
Keep after it - then do it some more. You're always learning, always able to get more information. There is a ton of great information on Youtube and other sites, watch and learn and then get in the kitchen yourself.